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HADY Guides located in Buea, Cameroon is here to offer clients guided tours of Mt. Cameroon National Park and the surrounding Cameroonian regions.  Our mission is to provide clients with safe and enjoyable trips to Cameroon’s national parks, beaches, and amazing cultural sites.  Founded by Walters Chin while he was a student at the University of Buea,  HADY Guides is proud to have successfully climbed with more than 250 visitors to the top of Mt. Cameroon.

Mt. Cameroon and the surrounding areas have only recently been organized as a National Park.  As part of this program, resources have been committed to the protection of the national park land and its diverse species of animals and climates.  To read more about the reasons for the creation of the Mt. Cameroon National Park and its expected benefits to Cameroon and the surrounding areas please click here.  

HADY stands for the Humanitarian Association of Dynamic Youths.  We believe our responsibility is to grow together with our communities.  HADY is active in many community development projects as well as many development organizations.  HADY is proud to pay our guides and porters extremely competitive wages.  Each of our guides and porters undergo first aid training and guide management training and are encouraged to spend their wages on furthering their education.